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Jingwei – The Little Oathkeeper

Jingwei – The Little Oathkeeper

«Three thousand ninety li farther southeast, then northeast, stands Departing-Doves Mountain. On its heights are many mulberry trees.
There is a bird dwelling here whose form resembles a crow with a patterned head, white beak, and red feet.
It is called Jingwei and makes a sound like its name.»

– From The Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经)

This ancient Chinese myth is a story about a girl chasing the sun. However, during her journey, the ocean took her life. After her death, her spirit was reincarnated as a crow-like bird. Jingwei. And wrecked by hatred and seeking vengeance, she made an oath; To drop pebbles and twigs in the foamy waves, until the day the ocean is filled. This is a story of vengeance, but more than that, this is a story of a girl who lost sight of her goals to inner turmoil.

Wan Qing Wang

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