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Roger, a beloved basketball coach, is on his way to work, proudly carrying a chocolate box announcing the birth of his baby boy. His trip is disrupted when he witnesses a horrific act of violence on the street. He observes without intervening from the safety of the pavement; not attempting to help. Roger’s descent into shame begins there. As he navigates between his students and colleagues, accepting their congratulations and offering them chocolates, the guilt deepens. Each encounter brings a new update on the victim’s condition; the incident is all over the news. By the first training of the day, Roger is a crushed man terrified to face the teenagers who idolize him.

Rachel Aoun

Rachel Aoun is an award-winning Lebanese cinematographer and director. Her recent credits include Al Rawabi School For Girls, a Netflix Original Series, and the critically acclaimed feature film Farha by Darin J. Sallam which premiered at TIFF 2021 edition. As cinematographer she lensed Mahbas by Sohpie Boutros, The Last Friday by Yahya Al Abdallah and Yanoosak by Elie Khalife. Bystander, her short film, is recipient of a production grant from both Doha Film Fund and The Culture Resource.

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