Terms and conditions for submission for the Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad 2019

To be allegeable
Films from any country may enter a submission. Separate competition for films with Norwegian director or producer.
Short fiction films may not exceed 35 minutes.
Short documentaries may not exceed 40 minutes.

The film must have been completed after the 15th of February 2018.
Last submission deadline is the 15th of February 2019.

You will receive information about the status of your film by the start of April 2019. If you are accepted in the competition program, we will require a finished screening copy delivered to us by the 17th of April. If the copy is not delivered by the deadline, the film may be subtracted from the program. There is no refund of the fee.

Submission form

By filling out and submitting this form you are declaring that the information about the film, production, and rights holders are correct.

The submitter must hold all rights to the film and be able to document this if the Norwegian Short Film Festival were to request it. The festival is free to retract the film if it turns out the submitter does not have the proper authorization or has given incorrect information about the film.

Evaluation of submitted films

A preselection committee named by the festival will evaluate all films. The committee will select the films that will compete in our competition program, but it is the festival director who is responsible for the artistic choices the festival does. The decision is final and is not up for reevaluation.


If the film is selected the Norwegian Short Film Festival is free to use stills and images from the film for non-commercial use for promoting the film, screenings, and festival in general. This includes catalogue, banners, posters and other promotional material for the festival.

Films that are selected can be screened up to 5 times during the festival (including reruns and special programs) and in a Best Of program following the festival. Further screenings will be agreed upon directly. Normally the film is only shown twice in the competition program.

Technical demands for submission and screening
The submitter will use an online platform, such as Vimeo, to upload the screener. If the film is selected, we require a proper screener copy for our cinema in Grimstad. The standard format is DCP.

The Norwegian Short Film Festival claims the right to convert any material submitted to DCP if it is deemed necessary. This is to quality proof our screenings for our audience.

The festival is an international festival and requires all films that participate to have English subtitles.