Åse Meyer
Interim Festival manager 2019
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Vanja Ødegård
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Programmer and Guest coordinator

Hilde Kjos

Bard Ydén
Programmer and Editor

Atli Bjarnason
Market Coordinator

Johanne Furuseth
Press and Sales Manager

Julie Pinchard
Assistant guest coordinator

Petter Trønsdal
Technical Manager

Dragica Vidovic
Print Coordinator

Torunn Nyen

The Chairman of the Board, Tom G. Eilertsen, is appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture:
Tom G. Eilertsen is a partner at the law firm, Bull & Co., specializing in film, television and media copyright issues. He was the managing director for the Norwegian Film and TV Producers’ Association 1987 – 2004, and holds several offices and memberships both in Norway and abroad. He is a former member of the Norwegian Oscar Committee.
Vara: Per Norstrøm.

John M. Jacobsen is appointed by the Norwegian Film and TV Producers’ Association:
John M. Jacobsen is a film and television producer with more than 30 years experience. His company, Filmkameratene AS, is one of Norway’s oldest production companies, producing films and TV series such as MAX MANUS, TROLL HUNTER, OPERATION ARCTIC (the two latter showcased at the Sundance Film festival) and THE HEAVY WATER WAR. His film PATHFINDER (1987) received an Oscar nomination in the Foreign language film category. In 2008, Jacobsen was awarded The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav for his contribution to Norwegian film.

Monica Boracco is appointed by the Writers’ Guild of Norway:
Vara: Kathrine Valen Zeiner

Eva Dahr is appointed by Directors’ Guild of Norway:
Eva Dahr is a Norwegian film director, playwright and film producer. Eva Dahr is one of Norway’s most prolific directors of short films. She has studied at the Volda University College and at the Bela Balaz studio in Budapest, Hungary. .
Vara: Leiv Igor Devold

Elisabeth O. Sjaastad is appointed by the Norwegian Film Worker’s Association:
Elisabeth O. Sjaastad studied directing at the Beijing Film Academy and at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2002 she directed and produced the Amanda-nominated (Norway’s national film award) feature documentary SHINY STARS, RUSTY RED (China) which got invited to film festivals worldwide. Through her production companies Screen Stories and Directors at Work AS she has also produced films from South Africa (also as director), Peru and the United Arab Emirates. Elisabeth is the former Vice President of the Norwegian Filmmakers’ Association, and has been a FERA, the Federation of European Film Directors, delegate since 2005, where she was appointed Chief Executive in December 2009.
Vara: Even Stormyhr.

Arild Eielsen is appointed by Aust-Agder county.
Vara: Hege Solli

Øystein Haga is appointed by Grimstad municipality:
Øystein Haga is a lecturer and politician holding several offices and memberships. He has been a member of the municipality council for 20 years, and the county council for 16 years. He is a lecturer at Dahlske High School in Grimstad.
Vara: Issifou Koanda.