Ik2 just me and you

8-year-old Eva and her father go on a Montreal-Mexico road trip aboard in an 18-wheeler.

Canada | 2019 | DCP | 8 min

Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers has a BFA in Film Production, MA in Acting and certificate in feature writing. She is also a musician and scored some of her films. She directed over 16 short films. She is now writing her first feature, that she intends to direct.

Ik2 sandrine brodeur desrosiers

Original title: Juste moi et toi
Director: Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers
Photo: Mathieu Laverdière
Edit: Richard Comeau
Script: Luis Molinie
Cast: Dalia Binzari, Florin Peltea
Producer: Johannie Deschambault, Les Films Camera Oscura

Contact: Jason Todd
E-mail: jason@h264distribution.com