Kd4 inga

By taking a deep dive into her memories ofrom a long life, Inga reflects over love, aging, and death. She invites us into her home where we take part in her morning rituals, and when she swims in the cold lake. This short portrait shows the artistic and personal images of Inga’s daily life and what it means for her to grow old.

Denmark | 2017 | DCP | 7 min

Uffe Mulvad is a Danish filmmaker from Aarhus. He now lives in Lillehammer, where he studies film photography at the Norwegian Film School.
“After several years in the industry working in several fields, I wanted to create something that was only mine, which is what I’ve done with Inga”.

Kd4 inga uffe mulvad
Uffe Mulvad

Director: Uffe Mulvad
Photo: Uffe Mulvad
Editing: Uffe Mulvad
Script: Uffe Mulvad
Sound: Peter Seeba, Bjørnar Hegg-Lunde
Producer: Jonathan Langelund

Contact: Jonathan Langelund
T: +45 213 41063