This section includes seminars, performances, boat trips, parties, presentations, outdoor cinema, family day events and much more.

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Opening debate

How to build a sustainable industry through gender equality, diversity and creation. In Norwegian.

Møt filmskaperne

Meet the festivals

Get to know programmers from some of the biggest festivals on the global circuit!

Sp erik hemmendorff

Masterclass with Erik Hemmendorff

Masterclass with Swedish producer Erik Hemmendorff (The Square). A conversation with newly founded production company Alternativet, run by filmmakers Guro Bruusgaard, Mariken Halle, Magnus Mork and Katja Eyde Jacobsen.

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Film in the Cultural Rucksack

Did you know that The Cultural Rucksack is Norway’s largest workplace for artists? We want more filmmakers on our team!

Portrett sara eliassen foto ove kvavik munchmuseet

Meet the directors: Sara Eliassen

Sara Eliassen’s artistry and practice moves seamlessly between film and visual art. A conversation with curator for Munchmuseet i bevegelse, Natalie Hope O´Donnell.


Make your own film!

Make your own film at the Short Film Festival’s animation and editing workshop! Kids of all ages welcome.