Norwegian Short Film / NK2 / Hammersborg - Protecting the Bygone Future

Wednesday June 8th, 9:30pm – Catilina
Friday June 10th, 2:00pm – Vesle Hallvard

Hammersborg - Protecting the Bygone Future

Hammersborg protecting the bygone future

Based on a text by Kjetil A. Jakobsen, the film is shot in the government quarters in Oslo, which was partly destroyed by the terrorist attacks of July 22nd, 2011. It tells the story of these buildings – of their origin, of the artistic vision of architect Erling Viksjø who designed them, and of the uncertain future that awaits them.

Birgitte Sigmundstad (b. 1969) graduated from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and works as an artist and documentary filmmaker. Her films have been screened and exhibited at many festivals and institutions. A Letter to the Minister of Culture screened in Grimstad in 2013. Sigmundstad received the prestigious Einar Granum Art Award in 2011.

Director: Birgitte Sigmundstad
Script: Birgitte Sigmundstad, Kjetil A. Jacobsen
Photo: Line K. Lyngstadaas
Editing: Robert Stengaard
Producer: Birgitte Sigmundstad
Financing: Norsk filminstitutt, Dansk filminstitutt, Singapore Film Commission
Contact: Birgitte Sigmundstad
Frydenlundgata 14, 0169 Oslo,
T: +47 93059458