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From the Norwegian Short Film Festival to Oscar nomination

Since 2018, The Norwegian Short Film Festival has been a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards for Norwegian short films. This week we received news from the The Academy that the Short Film Festival is qualifying for Best Short Documentary and Best International Short Film.

During this year's festival a total of three films will be sent directly from Grimstad to consideration by The Academy!

The winners of The Golden Chair for Norwegian short film and international short film are eligible for consideration in the Academy Award for Best Animated/Live Action Short Filmcategory. The winner of The Golden Chair for short documentary is eligible for consideration in the Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject)For those participating with international film and documentary in this year's festival, these news come as a pleasant surprise.

De tre Gullstolene som skal deles ut i år

- We have worked to achieve this for a long time, and we are very proud to receive this recognition, says festival director Anita Svingen.

- The filmmakers who are participating in these categories will get this as a bonus at this year's festival, says Anita. They were not aware that they would end up with the chance to receive an Oscar nomination when they submitted their films. This is very exciting, she continues.

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is the only qualifying festival in Norway. The festival has had an international focus for many years, and serves as an important meeting point between Norwegian and international filmmakers.

Since 2018 four Norwegian short films have been eligible for consideration by the Academy Awards through the festival. These are WONDERS OF THE SEA and DEN GRØNNE DALEN by Ellen Uglestad, LIREMU BARANA by Caj Cojoc, and SHE PACK by Fanny Ovesen.

- For the first time, we will be able to send both documentarists and filmmakers, Norwegians and internationals, on their way towards the Oscars, says festival director Anita.

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