The Norwegian Short Film festival is Oscar-qualifying.


The Norwegian Short Film Festival are proud and happy to announce that we have been granted status as an Oscar qualifying festival. The winner of the Golden Chair, the prize for the best Norwegian short film, will together with other qualified films be evaluated by members of the Academy ®. They are the ones who select the chosen few who are nominated for an Academy Award ® and have the chance to win the Oscar statuette, granted that the film fulfills the The Academy ® prerequisites.

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The Academy Awards ® is possibly the most prestigious award show in the world, and has acknowledged and awarded the best films in Hollywood since its beginning in 1929. They also celebrate important aspects of films in terms of craftsmanship, as well as different categories of film, such as short films. One of our Filmmakers in Focus in 2015 was Torill Kove, who has received three nominations and won once for The Danish Poet (2006).

A recognition of this magnitude is wonderful for our festival, as well as an unique opportunity for Norwegian filmmakers to show their work on the most important arena for film in the world.
– Tom Eilertsen, Chairman of the board

How wonderful! Well deserved for the Norwegian Short Film Festival and Norwegian short films. A nice feather in the festivals cap.
– Torill Kove, Oscar winner

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