OsloIFusion in Grimstad

2016-04-27 | By Vanja Ødegård

In cooperation with Oslo iFusion, The Norwegian Short Film Festival screens seven queer, international short films.

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Oslo|Fusion Film Festival, formerly Skeive Filmer (“Queer Films”) is Norway’s only queer film festival. Since the beginning in 1990, it has been exclusively devoted to reflect the constantly increasing diversity of personal and sexual identities and expressions. Our line-up includes feature films, documentaries and shorts with themes and explorations of the international LGBTIQ scene.

For Oslo|Fusion it is important that our programme depicts a variety of situations, emotions and reactions from all aspects of everyday life. By changing the name of the festival from Skeive Filmer to Oslo|Fusion, we have intended to widen our scope to include perspectives on feminism, racism and what it means to follow one’s inner voice. However, Oslo|Fusion remains primarily a queer film festival, which is duly reflected in the short film programme we have curated for The Norwegian Short Film Festival.

”Don’t be a drag, just be a queen” is a selection of films that largely depict positive everyday situations and playful expressions. Unfortunately, queer cinema tends to favour stories with dark and depressive themes, due to the fact that such experiences make deep emotional impressions that are important to portray on film. But of course, being queer is not exclusively about enduring hardships. Hopefully, these films will make you laugh and smile, and reflect the fact that a queer person’s life is much like everyone else’s. From overprotective mothers to taking pride in one’s work, from divorce negotiations to operatic wrestling: the people in these films are involved in many ordinary and extraordinary things.

Vanja Ødegård
Oslo|Fusion Film Festival

The upcoming edition of Oslo|Fusion takes place in September in Oslo. More info here.

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